Rimozione della graniglia a vite per la classificazione dei solidi delle acque reflue
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Rimozione della graniglia a vite per la classificazione dei solidi delle acque reflue

BOEEP screw grit removal is a liquid solid separator which uses the screw to remove the grit from the wastewater and then convey to discharge.
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  • WSF360.
  • WSF

introduzione al prodotto

Boeep screw grit removal belongs to light type grit and water separation equipment. It can either be a stand-alone unit, can work in conjunction with the Grit Vortex Separator as well. La grana concentrata dal separatore Vortex Grit è aerea o pompata al classificatore per ulteriori separazione, disidratazione e rimozione. The WSF is maily used for municipal sewage treatment plant. 

product introduction screw grit removal

Principio di struttura e funzionamento

BOEEP screw grit removal consists of driving unit, auger, water tank, U-shape chute and liner strip.

 working principle of screw grit removal

structure and dimension of screw grit removal

The screw type grit removal is composed of a slope bottom tank and a screw conveyor. The grit settled at the bottom of the tank is collected, lifted by the screw conveyor( 25degree) and then drained and discharged to make sure the moisture content of the discharged grit flow be less than 60%. The screw diameter and consequently the grit classifier model varies according to the volume of grit to be dewatered.


  • Using the screw converyor without the bearing underwater, to decrease maintenance needs.

  • Lined inside the U trough with low friction, wear resistant material, easy to be changed.

  • Integrated equipment which is convenient for installation and transprotation.

  • Cost-effective, easy operation, easy installation.

Parametro tecnico

The grit dry solid content:>60% Grit Separation efficiency:≥98%
Grit diameter:Igienico0.2mm Capacity Incoming Flow:Q=20-27L/S
The width of U type trough:B=360mm Screw diameter:D=320mm
Rotational speed:V=5r/min Angle:α=25
Motor power:N=0.75kw Motor Protect level:IP55
Motor insulation level:F level Working time:24 hours/day continuous run or interval run

Specifications& Model Data

model of screw grit removal

Produtct Details

product details of screw grit removal

Sito dell'oggetto

object site of screw grit removal

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BOEEP ha oltre 20 anni di esperienza professionale come produttore di attrezzature per il trattamento delle acque reflue e Engineering Service Enterprise.




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